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  • Balance $30.00

    Restore ‘Balance’ in every aspect of your life.  Revitalise mood and release tension.  this ‘Balance’ potion prmotes feelings of relaxation and aids in the release of emotional blockages and physical pain.  Feel calmer, happier and more supported.


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  • Clarity $30.00

    Allow your mind, body and spirit to become balanced.  Calm is restored leaving you still and ‘focused’.  Ideal if your thoughts are scattered and you desire more clarity.  When  learning something new this oil will help you remain focused as well as calm.


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  • Confidence $30.00

    Enhance your perseverance, determination and strength.  Helps to change old habits, low self-esteem, self-judgement and being shy.  With confidence you can quit addiction, achieve goals, and live a more concentrated life by being authentically ‘you’.


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  • Connection $30.00

    ‘Connection’ builds and unites relationships with your family, friends, community and yourself.  ‘Connection’ dissolves self-doubt and feelings off not being good enough or inferior.  Bring light into the densest  aspects of your life and allow your self to feel safe and able to trust more in others.


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  • Dreaming $30.00

    Create balance, harmony and welcome a more ‘Relaxed’ state of being.  Drift off to soothing sleep, meditate with peace and wind down from your day.  Feel your body ease and let go.  The ‘Dreaming’ potion provides an invitation to dream and manifest all your heart desires.


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  • Joy $30.00

    ‘Joy’ allows life to be lived fully and through the heart.  A go-to potion when you are feeling stuck in the past, dissolving pain and hurt.  Feel uplifted, present and free.  Like a rainbow in the sky use ‘Joy’ to feel a warm embrace from the universe.


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  • Motivation $30.00

    This ‘Motivation’ potion gifts you with mental clarity while enhancing your physical stamina and energy.  It assists in overcoming any difficulties and distractions standing in your way.  This unique potion boosts motivation and drive,, pushing you towards your goals.


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  • Truth $30.00

    Feel the gift of the ‘strong and honest’ Oak. ‘Truth’ strips away anything false and misleading in your life, allowing yo to ‘get-real’. ‘Truth’ provides a direct link to your intuition. Clearing confusion for greater clarity, removing your masks for true authenticity and giving you a  renewed space for meaningful relationships.


    5 in stock

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